Tuesday, July 11, 2006

These are notes from this past Sunday.

Death was no longer the end of life - it's the door to life for believers.
The disciples were in despair for death seemed to put out all hope. They had no hope. Their day changed with five simple words. "He is no longer here."
The resurrection changes everything.
The life changing trust of the resurrection is personal for us.
Why we life - the resurrection changes the reasons for why we live.

Must: Greek, Dae. Small word, big thing. It must happen because God has ordained it. This is God's unstoppable soverign plan.
He must but handed over to sinful men
He must die
He must rise from the dead
The unstoppable purposes are moving forward to this day.
When He saves us He saves us for a higher purpose.
Reality is what God is doing.
Sometimes being apart of God's purpose isn't seen by anybody but Him. But that's why we live. The resurrection changes the way we live. He is with us as we live for all my life. He is a risen Savior.

Was it necessary? According to God the Father... absolutely. It was His plan.

He contintues to walk with them (the disciples). They sturggle to believe it. He responds to their weak fatih with patience - He does the same for us. When we falter He does not abandom us. We fall often - it's not flattering - we take a step and fall. How wonderful to know that Christ lifts us up. We'll finally make it - but there's no possibility of doing it on our own.

The Savior empowers us to do what He calls us to do. 'And behold I am with you unto the end of the age'.

When our faith is weak - our heads are hanging low. The Savior and resurrection is shown through the word of God. Go to the word of God. Ask to have our eyes open and a fresh awareness of Him so our faith will grow strong.

The resurrection changes how we leave this life.
For those who don't believe death is despair.
Death is swallowed up in victory! (1Cor 15)
Death only takes time and time goes by
Something about death makes us face what we believe
But for the believer, it will be a day of peace - of joy. We have hope - Christ was raised from the dead.

There was a man (a pastor) who's wife had just died... he and his kids were going to her funeral where he was going to give the sermon. As they were driving along they stopped at a red light. In front of them was a huge truck and the sun was just right so that it's shadow stretched far off to the side. The man turning to his kids asked. "Which would you rather be hit by; the truck or it's shadow?" The children replied. "Its shadow of course... it doesn't hurt you." The man smiled and nodded at the simple truth.
"That's what death is like for us. Jesus took the truck... we only have the shadow. Because of that this isn't the end for mommy. She's in Heaven, and someday, we'll be able to see her".

We don't get the truck. We've only got the Shadow. May the Lord open our eyes and may the Lord put a burning in our hearts. He is with us. He is alive and one day we will see Him face to face.

~Hope everyone was blessed~


joel sczebel said...

I am and I wasn't there.

thanks for posting those.

als said...

wow. you take alot of notes

dami said...

that was good.
you take good and long notes.

thanks dell.

Delian said...

haha... actually it's really a fault that i take such long notes... i don't have the greatest memory, lol, so to remember it i have to write it down.

Adam said...

Now I really miss SGC!

Delian said...

ADAM!!! HEY!!! We miss you too!!!

Tai said...

Ok...so you officially take better notes than me!
Dell-you have a better memory than me - I don't even remember half of the stuff long enough to write it down!!!

No WAY - that was ADAM?!?! Lucky - you've got all of the cool traffic to your blog! Dittos what Dell said - we MISS you guys, Adam!!!

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