Monday, July 31, 2006

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It's only two days away... aaaahhhh! that's insanely crazy!! haha.

I'm on the killer orange team. here's a shout out to yall!

I was swimming in the Rawleigh's pool the other day with some of my siblings and with Alex. We began talking (seeing as we are corning people) about youth camp 2006. We were bashing Khaki (since it's almost not a real color) and making fun ideas for grey (such as ducktape). Alex, being the guy he is began saying how he really needed to start working on his prophetic giftings and he went on and on then he just kinda said 'I'm seeing... orange.' he didn't know that anyone from Corning was on orange or that Sean was either. we all got a kick out of it... but we shall see. .

then again, orange and khaki might tie for last. hahahaha.

I'm calling you out Grey team! (that is for Jarred's amusment)


dams said...


wow. sounds like fun times. craziness, eh?

Tai said...

sounds like you had fun...SWIMMING...WITHOUT ME!!! (I wish we lived closer...or at least closer to someone with a pool we could "borrow"!)

Duck(t) Tape sounds neat...but grey needs to be run over by a sleigh! (Ok, so that wasn't the best rhyme...and I still haven't figured out a rhyme for "orange"...sad thing.)

Yeah...well, I'm seeing Pink. My slogan?

"Think Pink!"

And that's all I have to say.


Mattea K. said...

Same Tai! About the living closer thing......
also it is spelled "gray" not "grey"
its kind of funny how you both did it.
I think we are setting up our pool sometime this week......been so busy that we haven't had a chance to do it. So feel free to get on over here Tai! of course it is still pretty far.....

joel sczebel said...

I'm on the pink team.

joel sczebel said...

In some places it is "grey". and it is "colour" for us canadians. But I don't hammer nail too often because even microsoft word tells me that it's spelled "color". Sometimes I just give up and wonder why the world is given over to such tyranny. Other times I fight for justice.

And I randomly said I was on a pink team without seeing that you people said you were seeing pink.

it's weird.

Charlemagne said...

Your so agressive Del... but that's cool, I guess.

Say, are ya'll going to be around tomorrow? My siblings have music lessons so I'll be there and I wondered if I could hang out for a bit.?

dell said...

hahaha, no comment about that ;).

Yup, we should be around, and yeah, it'll be cool if you hang out for a while... let me go run it by the parents. Yup, it's cool. Would it just be you chillin out or the rest of the fam??

Tai said...

Actually, Mattea - it can be spelled "grey" or "gray" (though the most common spelling is gray... which is probably WHY I spell it "grey")... look it up in your dictionary!

The Pink team is totally awesome...I can already feel it and I havn't even met them yet! I've gotten 2 phone calls - one from Mr. Christaldi (probably spelled that wrong) and one from a girl who is going to be on my team (who sounded exactly like Dell...hmmmm...) about...well, I can't tell you. Sorry - that's top secret. It's confidential. I wouldn't want to accidentally give out our winning strategy! lol



Andrew said...

Fare Well!