Monday, June 12, 2006

Hey... a little friend of mine, Emma Efthimiou was run over by their van today, I've heard different stories of how it happened but I don't know. Right now she's in the hospital and all in all I don't know a whole lot. I know she has bruised lungs, a scratched or cut liver, and maybe even internal bleeding. Please keep her in your prayers! I love her so much.

thank you all

Father I don't understand
Why has this hapened to my friend?
Why would You let this happen?
Will she be okay in the end?

These tears I shed for my little friend
Is a message to You
In Your decision her life depends
Only You can pull her through

Just yesterday she was drawing pictures
Just yesterday during worship I saw her stand
I can still see her pretty features
I can still feel her holding my hand

Please let her be okay
I know in Your hands is her destiny
I only ask that she would not feel pain
And that she would come back okay


Little sister said...

Dell..that was so nice..I started to turns out that she was just airlifted to Strong in Rochester, and her shoulder and stomach are quite swollen. I was so scared when I saw it run her over, our whole house was in shock...the police were here, 2 Ambulance's, the state troopers, the police investigators, channel 18 news...almost everyone you could think of was here. Why my cute little sister? Why the one who always give's me a hug when I wake up? Why the one who calls Adam and Michael her big brothers?
Why? I only know that God is sovereign! When I saw her in the hospital, she kept whimpering for mom, kept reaching for something to hold onto. I can only reach to God. I felt so alone when it happened, no one there to hug me, no one there to pray with me, no one there to comfort one except God, and He's the only one I need. People from church, if you have any questions, call me, IM me....whatever. But please pray more than anything!

Little sister said...

OK...I just realized how long that was...sorry!!

dami said...

wow. my family is praying for her and her family.

Little sister said...

Dell, this is Rachael, writing under Anna's name... Emma's at Strong still, they think there's something extremely wrong with her liver. Basically, when they rate liver damage, it's on a scale of 1-4, 5 would mean no more liver. Emma's damage was rated a 4... so she's there for at least another 24 hours of constant monitoring... and then 3 days after that. Thank-you SO much for the poem, it made me cry as well (I've been crying all night, so I don't know why this is news) and I know she's in good hands...
Your Soul Sister Forever,
Rachael E

Delian said...

I love you Rachael

Soul Sisters forever!

Mattea K. said...

That is absolutly beautiful Dell...
Last night I was so confused about why God let that happen. I mean, He made all these things work out-like her landing on the only patch of grass, having it hit her where it did-if it had been any higher or lower then, well, she might not have made it. Plus lots of other why did God let it happen to her if He was going to provide so much help for her...we stayed up late talking about that. It was so sad to see her in the hospital. She looked so cute but you could tell she was in a lot of pain and was terrified. Then she kept on asking for a drink of water but they couldn't give her any because at that time they didn't know exactly what was wrong with her. I could have cried...(only I didn't want to do it in front of her). We've been praying for her a lot will continue to do so......

Tai said...

Mom and I got like 3 calls one right after the other when she got run over. I probably would have cried if I was a diferent person - but it turns out that I'm not (strange...) and I don't express emotions very well, though I haven't figured out why yet... ANYWAY all that to say that mom and I just stopped and prayed for her, and I've prayed for her whenever I think of her throughout the day. God will make something beautiful out of her pain.
(Yes - I was just thinking, and that last sentence was rather Superchic[k] - ish... lol)

As has already been said - Beautiful poem, Dell! I used to think I could write poetry (hehe)! You rock my socks!


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Sacha said...

I'm praying for you all down here in MD!! I'll get my office praying too!!

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wanting to know you said...

who's 'nobody person?'

nobody person said...

I don't know