Friday, January 06, 2006

There's a new coat of snow on the ground... it could symbolize so much... I'll think of it as a fresh start... a new day with a new meaning.
'The sun still shines in winter... we just don't feel it as much' *quote by Alex Rawleigh* For those who know me I'm not such a winter person, or very pain tolerant, lol, so I just want to thank all of you who have helped me although you probably had no idea that you did!
There's Chris Boyka and Adopted Brother who are always ready to make me laugh, smile or just to give me a hug. There's been times where I felt like just going numb ya know? And one of you would smile or say something funny like 'I like waffles!' or 'your mom' or 'you're a beautiful person and you can make a difference in the world' and it would make my day that much brighter... Beth Jess Alex and Steph... wow, you guys have no idea how much your teasing, jokign around and encouragments have meant to me! There have been so many times when I'm just not in a good mood and wallah there's Beth singing a song or telling a story, Steph singing 'there just shoes man' (by Relient K), Alex... well I guess just being himself, and Jess always there w/ a smile or a hug! Thank's guys!
My bro who's usually got something up his sleeve to make a joke out of, whether it's goofing around playing the piano or guitar, playin' around w/ one of the little kids. So yeah, thnx.

*save your tears*
*living life*

She's tired of crying herself to sleep
Wondering if they'll be anyone to keep
Her going through the next week
She knows that she has to be freed

Where are they gonna turn
When it's no one elses concern?


Andrew said...

First Comment!

Glad your feeling better Dell.

Andrew said...

Not much activity on the blogs today or this evening. Probably cause the Rawliegh girls are down with Amanda. I'm comming up tommorow to hang with PJ and do Guy Stuff. We'er going to go bowling and it's been almost 5 years since I've done that! I think I got the techniuqe down to a science last time, so it shouldn't be too hard. After that I'll be staying over at the Rawlieghs. Maybe we'll see eachother.

How are you feeling now? Better I hope? Worse perhaps? Haveing and uncontrolable all consuming craveing for peanut butter?! : )

I'm not doing so hot myself... If you read my blog awile ago, you may have read that I dropped ou tof my Advanced Aviation Science Course. We'll, I just got an email back from tham today and guess what! Their not going to let me Quit!!! :0 Theyve given me a 150 fifty day extension on it, and they expect me to finish. It's really nice of them actualy, considering that I should have had the thing finished by now, but I still have all my other school work to do! And the reason I dropped out in the first place was because I couldn't understand it and I was overcommited! So now I'm right back where I started.

The World keeps turning with or without you though. So I guess I just need to exept it.

Andrew said...

You know, that last comment was long enough, that, if you don't mind, I'm posting a slightly edited version on my blog (I'll remouve the peanut butter part).
Sorry to leave such a long comment, but I'm just kind of frusturated, and let it out, apologies.


Delian said...

I hopw that my posts didn't make you more depressed...? Oh, that would make me feel bad! Yeah, actually I think I knew about the Guy Night thing before you did... pull man time lever... haha, you'll have heard that a million and one times by the end of tomorrow! We just got back from hangin w/ the Rawleighs and PJ. Good times (DDR!!!) I did well, haha.
I hope you do okay w/ the science thing... I'll be praying for you.

I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!! I HAD A TON TODAY (not really, lol).

Andrew said...

Yeah, I did hear it a bunch! Only they pronounce it more like: Man tight Leeeeever! ; )

Delian said...

Well... I can't really type lever the way they say it... well I could, you just wouldn't understand...or I was just being random... or I'M JUST A DUMB BLONDE! lol.

Andrew said...

Yeah whatever! Well, we watched the Matrix last night, and I was the only one there who hadn't seen it before. But I like seldom whatch movies, so I'm used to it. Whenever people start talking about them there like: have you seen this, this or this, and I have to say no to all of them, and then they give me this look like, what planet are you from?

Karina said...

same here, Drew! but honestly, I sometimes don't know what planet I'm from!