Sunday, January 08, 2006

Me... Rachael... Chris... Charles after a grand service!!!
Bro holding the church sign...
Chris and Joey (Joey's leaving...alas and alack!)
Invitation building of coolness
Whitney.... i her scarf... ;-).
Oh wow... looking beautiful.
Michael the man and CUTE EMMA!
Me and Amanda!
Jesse wearing my tie (or boyka's... i can't remember)
I'm doing Anna's hair...
Alex in his cool chucks
Stevie Wonder at YSOS w/ his new gift
Chris at church
Me and Anna... oh I look like a dumb blonde
Ryan & Shelsy
Me... today... oh man what a cheezy smile
The day I had to do a skit w/ Alex...haha good times.

Random picture time with Blonde Dell ;-).


Adam said...

Random picture time with blonde Dell... I like your ending words!

I noticed that Jesse still has my tie... I was wondering what happened to it.

Delian said...

hahaha... so it was your tie. lol. Random time with blonde dell (as always!)

Nicole said...

Actually, isn't the tie Michael's? Anywhoo... love the blog Dell! You are such an awesome young lady. I am so glad my boys have you for a friend and I'm glad Natalie has you as an older "sister". You rock!

damaris said...


that is the dams all exicted cause she can talk to her dell!1 :):)

computers are so wonderful. eh?


ali-the canadian hoser said...

good pic's!! how do you and dami know each other again? how did you score that? 'the blonde dell'? i am thinking there would be a pretty good story behind that..... please tell!

Delian said...

hahaha... Well, dams came up here after her e-team in Cananda (I live in Corning New York) and I go to a Sovereign Grace Church here so when dams and them were here in New York they came and visited, afterwards we went and had pizza w/ them! It was mad fun... and since then we've kept in contact. Good times.
I should write a post about how I scored 'blonde dell' haha... but I don't have enough time to tell the story right yet ;)

Josh Sczebel said...

nice pics.
HAHA. what is with everybody posting pics.
i don't know.
good stuff.
i wanna see some new york pics.
i wanna go to new york./
one day.

Karina said...

Great pics Dell. Doesn't the great invitation mountain thing look kind of like Minas Tirith. Sorry that was random.

Anonymous said...

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