Thursday, November 24, 2005


Yo yo yo... this post is dedicated to Christy (heck yes it is ;-). Well, I was writing in my journal yesterday in the garage when all of the sudden I see Christy walk up to the Jeror's door... I flipped out! I had no idea she was coming! I ran back into my house, put my journal away then ran over to the apartment. I saw Travis (Christy's twin bro) and asked... 'Travis, where's Christy?' and he said she was inside... I ran inside (literally) and Christy was right there! We hugged, talked, laughed (giggled... whatever ;-). And so, now Christy is here, we went for a walk this morning... yeah, I had to wake her up ;-). I'm so thankful for God's love to me for putting me and Christy on a 6 hour car trip so we technically had no choice but to be friends!! I pray and hope that we grow in Godliness and love for our Savior!! Thanks Christy!! Love ya girl! 'I love the snowangel!'

So, as today is Thanksgiving! I can't believe really - last year I was on my way to Georgia on Thanksgiving. But God is SOO GOOD! You know how easy it is to ask God for things... and yet there are sooo many more things to thank God for!!! Look around, there's the snow (or if your in Florida the fog...) but all of it is amazing! The blue pieces of sky that you see out of your window. Every breath we take! For the friends you get to see and hang out with! So today lets thank God, but lets do it everyday of our lives, because every day is just one more thing to be thankful for!

Anyway... I've got to go watch my little brothers.

ALSO... Nicole is in the hospital right now! PLEASE keep praying for her and Natalie!!! Love ya Nicole!!! Thanks everybody!!!


Joy said...

Yeah there is So much to be thankful for. If I had to name all of the things I was thankful for, WOW, that's quite a list. I am totaly praying for Nicole.

Adam said...

Christie is so dumb read my blog to find out why.