Thursday, June 10, 2010

I need to have great abs in 2 weeks. hahahahaha

any tips or advice?!?!


mattea k said...

What are you doing in 2 weeks that you need abs for??

Here's one. It's called the "abs blaster" or something like that.

Get down into plank position, hands clasped, elbows directly under your shoulders, feet together. Now, keeping your stomach tight and your back straight, jump your legs out away from each other, so they are about 2 1/2-3 ft apart. Then jump back in, feet together. It's kind of a scissor motion. Do this as fast as you can--a goal would be to be able to do 40-50 of these in one round.

I hope that makes sense hahahaha

Andrew said...

If there were a way for me to get great abs in 2 YEARS I would do it. Regrettably, there is not.

Delian said...

hahaah. umm...
its not two weeks....its really next month prolly...but......i have somebody that wants to put together a modeling portfolio for me! :) He's someone who dad is working with for Safer Options and he's done two other girls portfolios and he ASKED me if he could do one for me...i was like "THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!"
...and then he sent dad an e-mail saying that having abs is a HUGE

there is my story :)