Friday, January 26, 2007

If you read this,

even if we don't speak often,

please post a comment with a memory of you and me.I

t can be anything you want,good or bad.

When you're finished,post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised or mortifiedby what people remember about you.

For you canadians that might not work so well... hahahaha, just make up something!

I have been thinking a lot about being content. I know when I think about it I often think of sitting back, watching the world swirl around and being okay and cool with everything. The other day I was reading 1 Timothy and stumbled across the verse 'Now much godliness is attained through contedness' (6:6...give or take a few words). Since I read that I've been thinking alot about it, and this morning during prayer meeting I think I had revelation. Being content means to realize that you are where you are for a reason; we are to make the most of whatever time we have and whatever situation we are in. We need to have the mentality of "I am here, now what should I do? _________(something that glorifies God) NOW GO DO IT!" Content doesn't mean not doing anything and laying back... it means making the most of what we have right now! And being okay with what situation or season of life we're in cause God has us there for a reason!

But anyway, we had MIME practice last night with Silent Cry, and my group Crossfire is amazing!!!!!! Tai, Anna, Daniel, Jordan, Joy... you guys rock!!
And now for breakfast!! .

Your Sister in Christ



dell said...

fun fun fun

joel sczebel said...

......wait...... isn't this your blog?

damaris said...

i can't believe how PiNK it is!
i guess you are not a pink hater, eh?

one of my memories. (haha. they're all from the same day so it's not like i have alot to choose from) anyway. i think it'd be sitting in the pizza parlor talking about football. and brothers. and pink.

or randomly breaking into song in the car.

or watching your hilarious home-video spoof on lotr.

that was fun.

drew said...

interesting colors....

Um, ok I think this a pretty good one, 6 years ago, right after 911 (like a week), in Sea Isle NJ at that huge beach house. When we were under the porch with all of the sea shells we had collected and we were pretending that we were sixteen.

dell said...

yes it is my blog... :)

Yes it's pink! :c). I'm not gonna lie, pink is a cool color!

What song did we sing??? I vaguely remember... but not really

hahahahahaha, Sea Isle NJ, good times. Isn't it weird... as kids the future we talked about for us... well the future is now the present! It's soo weird. Not at all like I expected, lol.

Mattea K. said...

Funny, my memory came from NJ too...when you were the missionary and Anna and I were the "savages"...Sun Gods bed!!lol

And then there was that time when we were the "Adventure Kids" that seems like a long time ago...

Sherlock said...


Sherlock said...

dell! your that varvara person?
oh my...

Sherlock said...

Jordan is miming???

wow, tell him i wanna see what he looks like with all that paint on his face.

damaris said...

i don't remember what song it was.
something reliant k.

i think we did several. hahaha.

kara said... memeory is.... the time we went to the beach...and i got an amazing tan?