Monday, December 11, 2006

Gideon "I need a PANCAKE"
Dad and Dell "YOU need a spanking"
Dad and I... ooohhh, it's scary how we think alike.

This week is going to be crazy... just like last week. I love Christmas... but right about now... I just feel like it being a summer day and being able to go and relax!! I almost forget what that word means.

Sigh... there is not yet any snow... my heart breaks. I haven't even made a snow angel yet! I am so sad. I love snow angels... they are my favorite! They're so pretty!

I went to a Jackal's game with Regan (for her birthday party). I saw at least 7 fights (I didn't keep count, Bethany did). It was crazy. (oh, did I mention, it was my first hockey game). I really do like hockey... but since none of my brother's have played it as a sport, I didn't know many of the rules. I think I will study them so next time I go it makes more sense!!! But it was a heck of a lot of fun!

I got pizza the other night. I drove when it was flurrying (I've driven in every kind of weather now... snow, sleet, rain, sunshine!). hahaha. But, I still have not learned how to parallel park yet. alas and alack.

I played raquet ball with Jess this morning. I hit myself with the ball a couple of times. We almost ran into each other quiet a lot, and it was a lot of fun!

Nicole just came over to borrow some ketchup for eggs.... eeeeeeeewwwwww. Gross.

It's going to be a long week.


PJ has played Hockey... however I was unaware of that. So one of my brother's has played hockey... I just wasn't around to see him ;).


Joetheanylitical said...

haha thats what you get for bosting about snow. I responded to your tag by the way.

Have a good long week dell!

who else? said...

wow i need a spelling lesson...

Anonymous said...

Haha - you're welcome (about mentioning you on the Rebeloution - lol...I never thought you'd read that...)! I agree - eeewwww, gross (eggs w/ ketchup...)!
C Ya tonight? I hope...


nobody said...

nice post

Delian said...

boasting or posting about snow???

I couldn't find where you responded to my tag.

And thanks... much appreciated... I hope you dont' have a long week! For your sake.

Tai, no problemo, and yes... eww.

Thanks Joy.

Sherlock said...

My blog.

just teasing about the snow thing.
Damaris refuses to respond to tags.

girls stink at video games!

Anonymous said...


dell said...

Josiah.......... you put 'Joe' so I thought it was Joe. Yes, I see you posted it on your blog. Gosh.

And if you say that I'm bad at video games I'm not going to let you onto my blog!!!!!!!!!

Wouldn't it be humiliating if we played halo and I beat you?!?!?!

nobody said...

yeah whateva

Nicole said...

it is NOT gross to put ketchup on eggs, have you tried it?

And I am now a PRO at bowling on the Wii! I have a shiny ball! My score is 232. OH YEAH!!!

Delian said...

Oh Nicole... to hear you on my blog (er, to see you, whatever!). :-).

Ketchup....... on eggs....... eeeewwwwwwwwww..........


damaris said...

i want to go to a hockey game!
the guys of my fam went. and josiah doesn't even LIKE hockey!!

but he's the one who always gets to go to the live sports. even though i'd have more fun. haha.

it's good for both of us. ;)

some kid from florida said...

not really.

considering i've never played halo more than once.

i would probaly beat you the third round.


you might(most likely not) be good at vid games, but, in generall girls are pretty pathetic at video games. sorry. fact of nature.

Anonymous said...

ketchup on eggs?


joel sczebel said...

Yeah.... that dude I rode roller coasters with is now turning, and stabbing me in the back by impersonating me. You know "joe" it doesn't make me feel very special that I can be so easily replaced......

hahahahaha. what farce.

Yo Dell, I have two words for your lack of snow: global warming.

haha. Soon we might get to enjoy the weather of those further south. Or maybe not.

joel sczebel said...

Oh come on people! Video games??? Wii? Halo?? Did you know there's a new Halo 3 trailer out..... ( I can just hear the sound of the stampede to get to the nearest personal computer)....

I've never played Halo.
Shocking. I know.

Sherlock said...

sorry, but some of my friends call me joe so thats wy i did it. i forgot. cuz your screen name says "joel".

not very shocking, you just have important-canadian stuff to do with your time.

mattea said...

boy you know how to rack up the commetns

joel sczebel said...

Global Warming.
The increased heat causes us all to stay inside in the cool instead of braving the heat outside. And while we're inside why not comment on Dell's blog?

It's all global warming's fault.

dell said...

You wouldn't comment on my blog anyway?