Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pray pray pray pray... that I get a job at Heavenly Cup!! And then maybe I'd get to visit all you people I say I'll visit but haven't yet (*cough*, Caitlyn, Liz, Bethie... Abbie! Cherry Hill, Philly maybe even Canadians (Dams, you can join me ... and anybody else!). Actually... I'd like to get the job anyway! It's such a nice place! I really do like it!

I was talking to PJ a week or two ago, and we were talking about how we're supposed to have our thoughts always directed to God... He should be on the forefront of our mind... yet, we find it so hard just to give Him a section of our day for devotions! Such a big thing that we fall so short of! And I realized... I can't do it... no... I've tried, but right when my 'perfect' schedule changes (due to business or vacation) it falls apart. This past week we've had vacation, which I've been incredibly thankful for... but at the same time, my sin has been much more evident in my life (as in... not struggling against it... and not seeing it until after I do it). And much of that is due to the fact that I have not been spending time with God my Father, Savior and friend! What a small thing... something that usually only affects me... but boy, it sure does affect me... and in a huge way! So, I guess this is a prayer request and an encouragment... please pray that I would be seeking God out and praying that He draws me out. But also, for all of you that read this, we need to focus on God. And I don't know if I'm the only one that gets this feeling, but when I'm thinking about thinking about God, I often don't want to, but when I do... it's some of the most memorable times of my life! Let's focus on God!


Stellar Kart

Sometimes all I try to do
Is maybe sleep til noon
And now I’m thinking
Less is more more
Will I ever get out,
Out the door
What’s the point anyway
Another meaningless day
Is there any reason
Why I shouldn’t waste
All my time
I need a change of scenery
Unlock the door and
Set me free

I wanna live like today
Could be my last day
To give all I have
Before it’s too late
Goodbye to all the
Fear and doubt ‘cause this
Love is what life is all about

Sometimes I lie awake at night
Playing back my whole life
If the way I see this world
Could change
All the differences would fade
I’m gonna play it out again
When I hear your voice
I’ll take your hand
I’ll try to change what I’ve become
And love like Jesus does


Anonymous said...

I hope that you do get job there. And that was good song.

First comment. :)

dell said...

And congrats!! ;-)

nobody said...

nice song Dell.

joel sczebel said...

not first to comment.


Mattea K. said...

Itd be cool of you did get a job at Heavenly Cup

dams said...

jobs are good.

sure, i'll come with you anywhere.
my fam was going to travel in january but my dad got a new job so now we're not.
and i can't really go without them.


Anonymous said...