Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Comments From Last Post
and that was a rather longish title

comment from Joe "oh the downs. the downs aren't cool.but I heard this analogy once: It's like walking up a flight of stairs with a yo-yo. Even though the yo-yo goes up and down and up and down, it's steadily going up because the person who's carrying it is going up. i find it to be an encouraging thought."

comment from damaris: "the ups are needed breaks.but the downs are usually where most of the growth happens."

comment from Joe: "Ok. here's a thought I just had....If anything apart from hell is grace, and day by day we're experiencing the mercy of God, His common grace, and His Spirit's work in our lives.... are there really any downs?If we do perceive "downs" as literally being "downs" then there is most certainly an error in our thinking about our position in this life, because in light of what we deserve the most depressing "down" should be viewed as the sweet sanctifying work of the Spirit of God. for our ultimate good, and His ultimate glory"

Comment from damaris: "everything short of hell is grace." therefore even our worst trials are merciful compared to what we should recieve.BUT i think we need to be careful relating to other's hard times. the best friend will help you change your perspective, yes. but they'll be gentle and remember that sometimes those in the midst of pain can't see as clearly as those on the outside. it's much easier to say those things and know it in our minds than it is to really believe them in our hearts. another aspect of the grace of trials: when there's absolutly no earthly hope, things you only knew in your head before become promises you cling to everyday.i guess my point is that even with the right perspective there are some circumstances where we'll still feel sorrow. it's possible to view sickness and pain as grace in light of what we deserve, but it doesn't mean we won't be "building a sorrowful lovliness" at the same time."

Thank you two for putting those two comments up. I read them with glee and gratefulness!

and sorry for not puttin gup a 'real' post, I'm just letting everyone know that I'm alive and finished with 'fasting' ;).



Mattea K. said...


glad you're alive Dell. but I already knew that you were cuz I saw you like last night....and of course I say you on sunday...

joyful said...

sweet your back. Its been like forever. Pretty much!!


Andrew said...

How come you go without posting for a while an everyone assumes your dead? Is there an interesting story here?

damaris said...


i didn't give you permission!!


glad it helped.

joel sczebel said...

I just got quoted. This is like the FIRST TIME EVER!!!

I'm going to the store to ask people if they'll ask me for my autograph, which, is terrible. I'm lousy with any instrument meant for writing, or drawing (mainly pencils, pens, markers, paint brushes, and highlighters.)

there. I'm finished.

dell said...

If I ever see you that'll be the first thing I ask... 'Joe, can I have your autograph?'
hahahahahaha. You'll know it's me lol.

It did help damaris! Thanks so much!!!! Sorry I didn't ask for permission, I figured you'd be okay with it... ;-).

highlighters are fun!

damaris said...

haha. you know i was joking, right?

dell, you've been in rare form lately with the quick hits.
it's funny. at least it cracks me up.