Monday, October 16, 2006

Today I went grapepicking and hung out with long lost friends... and my normal friends.

I went driving on a fourwheeler (as in I drove it) and I rode with the Efthimiou's (Anna)... that was fun!

Then on the way back I drove home (about 45 minutes or so... it was fun).

I made potato soup for dinner and it was really good. Jesse brought three bushels of apples over and I'm going to make some applepie someday soon! That will most certainly be fun.

Now... a serious question for you... do you like apple pie hot or cold??? Or rather which do you prefer? I think I like it better when I sneak a piece in the morning the night after it's been made, for my breakfast. But that is obviously just my personal opinion.

And for the first snow Sunday here in Corning... I'm wearting Christmas colors! Yes... Christmas colors... hahahahaha... oh what fun that will be!

And now... for the major theme of this post. I think I'm going to get my hair brown............................. sometime this month (or very early next month)... I keep getting told by the men in this house (specifically my dad and PJ) that I should keep it blond... but I think it's time for a change... I don't know.

aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddddd that's about it.

Have a good one everybody!

My Pillow
I lay my head down to sleep
I close my eyes and I begin to think
About how soft and comfy
My bed and pillow can be

My head sinks down in its comfort
And my trials I start to abort
My dreams begin to be real
And everything I see I begin to feel

My dreams whirl around in reality
My mind is in a mad creativity
As all my dreams become like life
In all the joy peace romance and strife

My face is warm from the rays of the sun
I blink my eyes and then I yawn
As the sun rises my dreams float away
But my pillow is here to stay
To remind me of my dreams during the day

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Andrew said...

Ummm, you double posted. So I guess I'm first on this one!