Wednesday, March 01, 2006


No, Dell has been 'fasting' from blogging e-mailing xanga and IMing for the past month... AKA GROUNDED... haha.

Thank you all for the comments... they were much appreciated and made my day!

Life has been going on... as usual! Hahaha!!

I have been playing volleyball... guitar... keys... and PJ has finally started this band thing so I'm learning how to sing! (and no... I'm not going to show anyone how horrible I am 'cause truly I am horrible as

I watched Pride and Prejudice last night (the one with Kiera Knightly) it's officially my favorite movie behind Beauty and the Beast!! Pride and Prejudice for my b-day *cough* *cough*. lol.

WELL HOW IS EVERYONE DOING?! AAAAAAAHHHHHH I FEEL AS IF I HAVEN'T SEEN ALL YOU GUYS IN FOREVER... wait... I haven't seen half of you ever! lol. Meaning you canadian hosers and floridians!!! haha. But hey, I still missed all you guys! If we could get as many comments for every post as I did last time that would be wicked sweet!

I'll be stickin around... lol.

dams... I've got some relient K stuff down... NOTHING worth bragging about.
Joe I'm sure is perfectly capable of playing the guitar like nobody's business.
Tai I love your love for Finding Nemo
I have no more comments to the people who left comments ;-) 'cause there were so many I'd have to go back and read them all over again.


Elizabeth said...

hey dell! glad to know you aren't dead. and i would like to meet you one day! fun stuff!

dami said...

DDEEELLLLLL! missed you like nothin'! GUESS WHO CAME TO GRACE CHURCH SUNDAY! the STICKLERS! no lie. this woman came up and started helping me with break down, and when i ask if she has a home church she says "corning". i about went through the roof. it was so flippin' cool!

so i gave her my name tag (much to my bro's dismay--they've started a nametag ball like ya'll) so she'd remember to tell you i said hey.

isn't God great?! :)

Delian said...

That's flippin sweet!!!!

When dams goes to Canada some day maybe I should grab a ride w/ her so I can meet all you guys... that would be really cool!!!

Ali, I'm glad you didn't think I was dead... that holds a special place in my heart. ;)

joyful said...

DELL you were definitly NOT DEAD!!!
You rock at volleyball.

Karina said...

Hey, Dami, this is a friend of Dell's. And I was just wondering where in Florida your church is. Normally our family goes down to Florida every March (alas, not this year), but we go to the Tampa Church. Are you near there?