Sunday, March 19, 2006

Always Peaceful
There is a time when I don’t feel alone
When all around is peaceful and quiet
When the light from above is shown
And I can rest from the ongoing fight

There is a time when there is Someone
Someone right there beside me
Telling me that they are the One
That will set me free

I lean on my Someone’s arm
As I listen to the waves
The sunset on my eyelids is warm
This memory I shall forever save

The peace is always here
But sometimes I just don’t remember
My Someone is there to erase my fears
Always… always and forever


Tai said...


joyful said...

nice post Dell

Delian said...

is that all you can say Tai...? ;)

joe. said...

Good stuff Intel Inside.

Or how about Power PC?

Brittany said...

Wow....................:=) I am not going to say it six times, though.

dami said...

nice pic. great poem. did you write it?

Delian said...

yeah I did write it... (I didn't take the pic tho... wish I did).